Montana - The Last Best Place Tee


Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest Western Trends. Idaho Based Boutique With Big Country Feel. Patch Shirts Are Custom Made With The Softest Quality Tee's. All Patches Are Custom Printed And Sewn By Hand. Our Tee's Are Perfect For Your Rodeo & Country Kiddos.

**The Patch Is The Same Size For All Tees** For Onesie Sizes It Will Take Up The Whole Front**

    • Unisex Fit
    • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
    • Harborside Melange Jersey Cotton

    3-6 Month (6M)

    Weight 10-16 LBS

    Height 22”-24”

    6-12 Month (12M)

    Weight 17-20 LBS

    Height 25”-28”

    2T Size

    Weight 28-30 LBS

    Height 33”-35”

    4T Size

    Weight 34-39 LBS

    Height 39”-41”

    6/7T Size

    Weight 49-55 LBS

    Height 45”-49”